Music Schedule

R.J. Misch

At the 2014 BBB Dickson Street Stage…
Free live music is gonna take you away!

What a terrific range of bands and music we had this year.  But, we are working to bring you the best possible FREE live music in our official beer gardens for the 15th anniversary.

The first day of the 2013 rally – that was roots/Americana day in the Dickson Street Beer Garden  and we rounded up some very righteous music for you.  From pure country to roots/folk to washboard playing and flattop picking (the fabulous Ben Miller Band) to driving bluegrass/general weirdness (the absolutely amazing Mountain Sprout), we put some jump in your rump!  The Wednesday night line-up may very well be the most fun night we’ve ever had.   Hope you didn’t miss it!

Thursday and Friday were devoted to Blues and Rhythm and Blues primarily with just a touch of country based blues.   The incomparable Jason D. Williams  put o0n a show that people are still talking about!

Saturday, well, that was the rock n roll dance party night.    And we closed the show that night with the fabulous Big James and the Chicago Playboys, just one of the best R and B dance bands to come out of the Windy City.

But how about something special for the 15th Anniversary of BBB?  We’re bringing back some of the bands who have had to the best response from over the years, as well as some very hot new acts who are guaranteed to make this the best line up we’ve ever had.

Oh,  did we mention, music in the BBB beer gardens is always  free?


Samantha Fish

Samantha Fish

Jason D. Williams