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Bikes, Blues & BBQ is the largest charity driven motorcycle rally in the United States.

In 2016, hundreds of thousands of people attended Bikes, Blues & BBQ; a huge part of the success of the rally comes from the contributions and uniqueness of our vendors. People who attend Bikes, Blues & BBQ come from all 50 states and many countries to check out the merchandise that our vendors have to offer.

Bikes, Blues & BBQ is a family-friendly rally, please take this into consideration before submitting an application.

The proceeds from Bikes, Blues & BBQ benefit local charities. Therefore, we vigorously protect our trademarks including our logo and name. If you need help to determine if you are “legal,” contact us at or 479-527-9993.


Dickson Street


This is where it all began! You will find the best in festival food, free live music, cold refreshments, and an assortment of merchandise to please all attendees. There will be vendors ranging from ride wear, leathers, and fashionable apparel, to insurance, legal council, and veteran information. There is something for everyone! Even if you are not a biker, you will find something just for you!

Walton Arts Center Lot

The WAC lot hosts the Sponsor Lot and Food Court, which serves as entrance to the BBB Beer Garden and Main Stage.

House Lot

The House Lot is directly north of the WAC lot and between the two is considered Dickson St Ground Zero.

Arkansas Missouri Railroad Shuttle

ATTENTION DICKSON ST VENDORS: Are you having difficulty finding a place to park? Don’t worry, the Blues Train has you covered! This shuttle runs between Dickson Street and Baum Stadium making trips every 30 minutes. If you park at Baum and ride to Dickson, the “Triangle Parking lot” to the east of Baum Stadium is where the train loads and unloads passengers. And if you need to leave Dickson for Baum, you can load onto the train between the WAC Lot and George’s. Enjoy a great piece of America’s history in this fun shuttle!

Baum Stadium on Razorback Rd


Triangle Parking LotWelcome to Motorcycle Village! Looking for that part or accessory to make your machine mean? Look no further! This Lot hosts everything from motorcycle manufacturers, aftermarket parts and accessories, bike maintenance and care products, the latest in ride apparel and fashion, and the anchor of the whole venue, demo rides! That’s right, if you want to know how the bike rides, this is your chance before you buy.

Washington County Fairgrounds


The Fairgrounds is the Official Campgrounds of Bikes, Blues, & BBQ! This venue comes complete with the KCBS State BBQ Contest, BBB Saloon, Lawnmower Pulls, Live Music, Karaoke Contest, and many more attractions. This is where the Parade of Power starts, and where the party never ends!

Arvest Ballpark 


The Arvest Ballpark venue is our newest venue.  It is the home to the Bikes, Blues and BBQ Car Show.  This year we have new exciting activities coming to this venue.  Harley-Davidson will be offering demo rides out of this venue for the first time this year.  We will also have a Military Appreciation event, stunt riders and test rides from Everett Chrysler Dodge.

2018 Applications

2018 Non-Food Vendor Application

2018 Food Vendor Application

FOOD VENDORS***WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING VENDOR APPLICATIONS FROM FOOD VENDORS.  Please contact us to be added to our waiting list – or call 479-527-9993

Please Read the *UPDATED* Vendor Letter from the Fayetteville Fire Marshall

Safety Requirements for all Tent Canopies & Temporary Structures

Need Rental Equipment?

Not only does Intents sponsor the largest event in the state of Arkansas, but they also provide tents, tables, chairs, lights, and so much more to the many incoming vendors, sponsors, and non profits who participate during the rally. For contact info to reserve your rental equipment, click here.

Mail-In Registration

Bikes, Blues, and BBQ PO Box 712 Fayetteville, AR 72702