Day 3 of BBB

– The general feeling is that yesterday was the largest crowd we have ever had on Day 2.  The rally promises to be the biggest ever!

– There is now FREE motorcycle parking at University Baptist Church Student Activity Center. UBC is located just off West Lafayette Street in Fayetteville.

– Beer Gardens open at 10:00 am today. – Music is primarily focused on Blues band today:

  • Dickson – 2:30 pm with Earl’s Garage
  • Baum – 2:00 pm with Cathead Biscuit
  • Fairgrounds – 5:00 pm with Metro Park
  • The AMP – 7:00 pm with Pat Travers & Rick Derringer

– Check-in for Friday’s Poker Run begins at 7:30 am at the Tyson Track Center. First Bike out at 8:30 am.

–  Sam’s Club People’s Choice BBQ tasting starts at the Washington County Fairgrounds at 6:30 pm.  Tasting kits are $6 (includes parking).  Tickets go on sale at 8:00 am today at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

– The American Hell Riders will be performing with their Wall of Death at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

– Train service between Dickson Street and Baum Stadium begins today at 11:00 am from Dickson and 11:30 am from Baum.

– Miss BBB Preliminary tonight at 10:30 pm at George’s on Dickson Street.

– Motorcycle Demo Rides start at Baum Stadium at 9:00 am.

– Jeep Rock & Road Tour starts at Baum Stadium at 9:00 am.

– Harley Owners Group (HOG) Pins Stop at starts at Baum Stadium at 9:00 am.

– Joe Martin, of Martin Bros Bikes, is known as one of the top custom motorcycle builders in the world today. Come check him out at Baum Stadium, or see him during one of his appearances at the Main Stage Area on Dickson Street.

– Bikes, Blues & Hot Rods Too opens at 11:00 am at the AMP (NWA Mall).

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