Monthly Archives: April 2013

Pigs Fly Around Track at Bikes, Blues & BBQ

Pigs are flying, around the race track at the Washington County Fairgrounds. fairgrounds1 The Hambone Express is in town for Bikes, Blues & BBQ, and each show features four heats with four pigs each. The winners get first crack at a tin of Oreo’s.

The host, Charlie Boger, works hard to get the audience involved, and says showmanship is in his blood.

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B.A.C.A. Rolls Out At BBB

BACA, or Bikers Against Child Abuse took their stand against child abuse during Bikes, Blues and BBQ this week. 21st Amendment Black & WhiteBACA is an international organization of bikers who help kids in abusive situations.

The bikers do things like escorting the child to court of visiting the kids in school.

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Bikes, Blues & BBQ Car Show

This year, the motorcycles are sharing some of the spotlight with four wheeled-vehicles.carshow2

For the first time, there’s a Bikes Blues & BBQ Car Show!

Beautifully restored cars from decades ago were all parked in the lot at the Northwest Arkansas Mall Saturday.

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Biker couples get hitched on stage at BBB

There may be a new destination wedding hot spot in the making. Four biker couples make motorcycle matrimony at Bikes, Blues & BBQ Saturday. dickson “Seemed like a great,unforgettable way to get married,” Derek Ravert, who got married on the stage Saturday afternoon said.

The ceremonies were led by none other than the director of the rally, Joe Giles, who begs the question, why not get married at Bikes, Blues & BBQ?

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Local High School Helps Clean Up Dickson Post BBB

After 4 days of Bikes, Blues & BBQ, Dickson street is nearing its pre-rally state as venders have been tearing down since Sunday. But that’s not all.

Early Sunday morning students and parents of the FayLogoetteville High School band have been using some elbow grease to put the entertainment district back in order.

“After you pick up all the trash it doesn’t look so bad. Kind of erase the stains of Bikes, Blues & BBQ, find a lot of weird stuff,” Fayetteville High School band junior, Max McCarthy said.

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