Unsung Heroes

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Thank You Coordinators

Another Great Year Because of You!

On behalf of the Bikes, Blues & BBQ Board of Directors, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in making the 16th annual rally the best yet.

The long hours you invested over the last year paid off tremendously.  Because of your efforts, hundreds of thousands of visitors felt welcome in Northwest Arkansas and were able to enjoy all the rally had to offer. It wouldn’t have happened without you.   – BBB Board of Directors


Dave Creek Plumbing
Justin Vandevort Parade Director
Bobby Luttrell Trash & Clean-Up
Chuck Debes Tear Down
Carmen Newberry Inventory Specialist
Michelle Devers Event Director
Doug Brooks Solid Waste and Cleanup
Earl Stokes Bike Show
Tommy Sisemore Executive Director
Mike Dewberry Arvest Venue Coordinator
John Stansell A little Bit of everything
Ken Rue Solid Waste and Cleanup
Mike Griffin Car Show Coordinator
Kenny Rakes Electrical & WAC Beer Garden
Kendall Rakes Electrical & Fairgrounds
Reece Thompson Financial
Gary Berger Vintage Bike Show Coordinator
James Wallace Vintage Bike Show Coordinator
Levon Ogden Financial
Reese Thompson Financial
O.E. Luttrell Trash & Clean-Up
Robert Shoptaw Baum
Clyde Phelps and Duanne Kovach BBQ Contest Coordinators
Steve Young Baum Venue Coordinator
Jennifer Sisemore Security
Beckham Young Baum
Steve Anderson Bike Show – WAC