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Knock Kneed Sally – Gimme Some Biscuit

This is Kansas City Blues at it’s finest. Knock Kneed Sally was voted KC’s best blues band back in 2010, and it’s no wonder. They play real blues for grown-ups. Walking bass, no guitar gymnastics, simple but effective leads by trumpet and sax. And the songs. You won’t hear these on the radio. These are songs for those among us who have always loved the blues. It’s not flavor-of-the-month music for hipsters vowing allegiance to the latest trend.

We saw “Sally” at BB’s Lawnside BBQ in Kansas City. The house was completely packed, and what the band does fits the venue perfectly. This is indeed a roadhouse. A quick note about BB’s – You sit at a long cafeteria type table with your new best friends that you made as soon as you sat down.   The air is saturated with the sweet smell of KC style BBQ. The beer is, um, “cool”. That’s how the owner described it, and he was right. But it didn’t seem to matter; it went down well anyway. One of my new best friends warned me about the food. “It’ll be delicious and huge.” Huge? Uh yeah, my order of ribs and pulled pork could have fed all the starving children in Africa. But it tasted so good that they’ll have to kill an antelope instead; I’m not sharing.

The band fired up right on time at 9:00. (That’s something else that grown up bands do. They start on time.) 30 seconds into the first song, we knew the evening was perfect. You’ll know the same thing when you hear them at the Blues Alley Saloon at Bikes Blues and BBQ®.

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Main Stage on Dickson Street

Wednesday, Sept. 21

5:30-7:00 – The Boss Tweeds

7:30-9:00 – Arkansauce

9:30-11:00 – Leah and the MoJo Doctors

Thursday, Sept. 22

4:00-5:00 – Gary Hutchison

5:30-7:00 – The Nace Brothers

7:30-9:00 – Oreo Blue

9:30-11:00 – Joe Giles and the Homewreckers

Friday, Sept. 23

5:00-6:00 – The Uncrowned Kings

6:30-8:00 – Earl and Them

8:30-10:00 – Members Only

10:30-12:00 – Jason D. Williams

Saturday, Sept. 24

4:30-6:00 – Divas on Fire

6:30-8:00 – Dead Metal Society

8:30-10:00 – Full House

10:30-12:00 Barrett Baber

The Blues Alley Saloon at the Bikes Blues and BBQ Campground

Blues Alley is the Home of the Blues at Bikes Blues and BBQ®.  Blues and nothing but the blues.

Wednesday, Sept. 21

5:30-8:30 – The Buddy Shute Band

9:00-12:00 – Trick Bag

Thursday, Sept. 22

5:30-8:30 – Blew Reed and the Flatheads

9:00-12:00 – Down Town Live Wires

Friday, Sept. 23

6:00-9:00 – Art Bentley

9:15-9:45 – The Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys Miss BBB Prelims

10:00-1:00 – Knock Kneed Sally

Saturday, Sept. 24

5:00-8:30 – 412 West

9:00-1:00 – Connie Hawkins and the Blues Wreckers