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Mt. Nebo – And Those Curves

mtnebo-curveDoesn’t look too bad, does it.  Just wait.

The sign at the base of the mountain indicates steep and curvy for the next 2 miles.  The first few curves weren’t too tough at all and I was thinking the road’s reputation was exaggerated.  And also that I was pretty good.   And then I came to the real curves.  The next mile or so was a series of very tight switchbacks, with narrow paving.  The inside lanes were often canted at what seemed like a 45 degree slope.  I’m not kidding.  You know how on normal switchbacks, like the Pig Trail, the pavement has been slightly (or considerably) widened to give the rider lots of latitude to swing out.  On the Nebo road, there is no such thing.  Just steep, tight corners.  You have to go slowly, too slowly to lean much.  I’m positive my wife would abandon the passenger’s eat, wish me luck, and park herself on a rock with a beer and wait for me to descend either on the bike or in an ambulance.

Of course, once you get past the first mile or so, then the corners are more manageable and lead you to the plateau of a state park with magnificent views.  (And, in all honesty, there weren’t as many curves as it seemed when I was going up and back down, but still…..)   The entire mountain top is about a mile and a quarter long and a half mile wide.  One end has the sunrise point and the other has the sunset point.  Both offer gorgeous vistas. At the Visitors’ Center, there is even a launching pad for hang gliders.  Of course, rental cabins are available.

So, think you’re good enough?  I suggest astronaut diapers, just in case.

My Nebo is located just to the west of Dardanelle, Arkansas on Hwy 331 off Hwy 22.  Look it up;  it’ll be worth your while.

The Essential Rides of Northwest Arkansas.

The following five ride routes are the local guy’s suggested “must ride” list for newcomers to the rally, or to those who haven’t been on these routes before.  The Ozarks are packed with great roads, but with limited time to ride and enjoy, try these.   For more maps of more really good rides, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Pig Trail Ride

The Buffalo River Area

The Lake Fort Smith/Oark Loop

The War Eagle/Eureka Springs Ride

The Winslow Ride

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Bikes, Blues and BBQ Ride Maps

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