Ride Maps & Directions

Ride the Beautiful Ozarks on the Roads the Locals Ride

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And don’t miss  The Pig Trail!

The legendary Pig Trail has been designated one of the nation’s best motorcycle roads by virtually all the motorcycling publications.  And, when you come to Bikes, Blues and BBQ, you won’t want to miss a trip on it.    But the Ozarks are full of roads that are, quite frankly, just as good.  For instance, we suggest Scenic Hwy 71 from Alma to Fayetteville, AR 59 from Van Buren north to Hwy 62, or AR 21 north from Clarksville through the Buffalo River area.  (Heck, you need to ride that area anyway; it’s stunningly beautiful.)  The best thing to do is to pick up an Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism Motorcycle Guide, or a Butler Map, and pick out the road for you.  Because in this part of the country, you can’t go wrong.

*Brand New Ride Maps*

Our good friend Alan Anderson has developed a website, Great Siteswww.ozarkrides.com. This website is built upon Alan’s love of the road. He’s not selling anything, it is simply a free service to all motorcyclists. Visit the site to find new routes; you’re really going to enjoy the endless riding possibilities.

Get Bikes, Blues and BBQ Maps for Some Great Rides.

To help make your riding experience more enjoyable we have developed a series of maps using Google Maps. Click the links below, print out the map and explore the different routes.

We hope you enjoy the maps and if you would like to rate the ride or add a comment please click on the link at the top of the written directions on the left side.

If you have another route that you think riders would enjoy, please send the directions to info@bikesbluesandbbq.org.

Happy Riding!

And for another set of ride maps, check out:

It’s easy to get directions to the starting point from your location:

  1. Open a map from the links above.
  2. Click “Save to My Maps.” This is located on the left side of the page at the top right of the written directions. You will then have to either sign-in with a current Google account name and password or create one. This only takes a few minutes and it’s free!
  3. Then click on the starting point link on the left side.
  4. Click on the box on the map and enter your location next to “Get directions.” Then click, “Go.”
  5. The left column will show you the directions from your location to the start point of the ride map that you have selected.
  6. Finally, click “My Maps” located at the top left under the Google logo to get the directions for the rest of the route.